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Events and Projects

We conduct seminars at different places, on different issues such as providing education on healthcare related issues; childcare and children rights; leadership and public management affairs as well as civic engagement. Also seminars based on engaging in environmental sustainability programs, such as climate change mitigation, waste management and recycling projects as well as providing education on environment and environmental conservation. Moreover, empowering the community through economic settings such as agriculture, forest and fisheries, poverty alleviation, research and development, entrepreneurship and innovation as well as engagement on law, legal and humanitarian affairs

Helping Children

It is significant for the United Republic of Tanzania's NGOs, local, national and international organizations and communities to take steps to improve the legal framework for the protection of the rights of children in Tanzania.

The 1st Mama Bonnie Walters Essay Competition for Mwanza Secondary Schools

Entries are welcomed for the 2016 MAMA BONNIE WALTERS ESSAY COMPETITION FOR MWANZA SECONDAY SCHOOLS. This program is organized by Green Livelihood for Century Development (GLCD) and Sponsored by MAMA BONNIE WALTERS FUNDS.

Tree planting for environmental sustainability and mitigating climate change impacts along Lake Victorian Communitnies

It wasn’t too many years ago when the scientific evidence shows the climate change impacts due to uncontrolled human activities and on other hand the world has reported to have a global warming in its different natural features, but also the degradation activity brought by the population which needs to sustain their life like tree cutting for burning charcoal and fire wood, this was among the many reasons which make us to be interested not only to show you people the natural features we have but also to collaborate in preventing them from pollution and degradation, through planting the trees along the Lake Victoria.