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Commonwealth Youth Inclusion Regional Conference Uganda

The EAC Commonwealth Youth Leaders sharing meeting was specifically steered by the youth and
supported by WFD under the guise of the Commonwealth Partnership for Democracy. The youth were
given the centre stage in this particular meeting first because they have shown interest and readiness
to advocate for issues that they feel should be addressed to achieve the ACDEG Agenda and secondly
due to the fact that in East Africa the Youth form the majority of the population and as such if any
sustainable development is to be realised, they have to be at the fore front in championing the course
bearing in mind that most issues be it governance or economic empowerment, it is the youth who are
affected most.

From the meeting deliberations it was clear from the respective chapter members that
they are yearning to take over and bring change in the political arena in East Africa and what they
importantly need is the space to champion for their rights. As a result of this, it was therefore evident
that frameworks like ACDEG is one vehicle that is crucial in achieving their agenda. Some of the
comments from the members captured during introductions that illustrates the fact the youth are ready
to champion for their issues are:
‘Young people are visionary leaders ready to support the young coming generations’- this was
illustrated by the Ugandan members, through their different organizations, they offer different ways to
empower young people like essay competitions and the winner get a chance to intern in a given
organisation thereby creating empowerment opportunities.