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The National Youth Symposiums 2018

The East Africa Youth Leadership Summit,* abbreviated as *YouLead* has carefully selected *Green Livelihood for Century Development,* abbreviated as *GLCD* as a host organisation of The National Youth Symposiums 2018 in Tanzania.

The YouLead Secretariat has competitively selected country Tanzania-Introduction-Letter-edited.pdf level youth led and youth serving organisations who could mobilise and work with national youth members of parliament, national councils and government ministries responsible for youth and East African affairs.

The 2018 Summit is being organised by *the MS-Training Centre for Development Cooperation* and *the EAC Secretariat - department of Political Affairs.*


The Summit is expected to bring together 250 participants that include youth political leaders within government entities, NGO and business organisations from across the East African region. 
Due to space and financial constraints, only a limited, competitively selected number of delegates (200) have the opportunity to participate in the regional summit, which will take place in Arusha, EAC HQ, from19th -23rd November 2018

The National Youth Symposiums are therefore aimed at giving the opportunity and voice to the maximum possible number of youths to feed national regional level youth issues into the regional summit.

Theme: Youth Political and Economic Inclusion: Scenarios for Sustainable Regional Integration.