2nd African Youth Conference on Energy and Climate Change. East Africa Conference Hall- Arusha ,Tanzania. 6th-7th October,2016.

Young Lawyers Foundation coordinated 1st African Youth Conference Energy and Climate Change on 20th - 21st August ,2015 ,which brought together more than 17 different nationalities in Kunduchi Beach Hotel - Dar es Salaam under the theme Inclusion of Youth Voice in COP21 and Beyond for Sustainable Development. The conference resulted to many youth related initiatives in climate change and energy sector across the region and alert to the governments and other stakeholders on youth innovation support and engagement.

Last year’s conference resolution were shared with several stakeholders including the governments, United Nations and presented during the conference of youth COY 11 in Paris.

This year Young Lawyers Foundation in association with Green Livelihood for Century Development and Green Icon are coordinating 2nd African Youth Conference on Energy and Climate Change in Arusha at East Africa Conference Centre under the theme Role of Youth in Sustainable Environment and Climate Change Initiatives. Aiming at bringing more than 300 youth together to share, learn and experience various innovative ways in addressing environmental and climate change issues in their society towards COP 22 and beyond. click on <a href="/Gg"> THIS LINK</a> to fill the form