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Tree planting for environmental sustainability and mitigating climate change impacts along Lake Victorian Communitnies

Background information:

It wasn’t too many years ago when the scientific evidence shows the climate change impacts due to uncontrolled human activities and on other hand the world has reported to have a global warming in its different natural features, but also the degradation activity brought by the population which needs to sustain their life like tree cutting for burning charcoal and fire wood, this was among the many reasons which make us to be interested not only to show you people the natural features we have but also to collaborate in preventing them from pollution and degradation, through planting the trees along the Lake Victoria.  

Now, instead of seeing people cutting off the trees and others use the source as the swimming pools we want to renovate the place through cleaning, planting trees and providing education to the local surrounds to make sure that they know the importance of conserving the environment for the presents and future generations.

Project description and implementation:

A workshop is to generate interest in the project and to discuss the importance of planting trees in our environment to secure our natural features. This workshop is aimed at providing information on the value of the project, project identification, collection and storage of species, tree planting and protection techniques, weed control, irrigation, and an example of a successful planting project on the Lake Victoria lands.

Community need estimations:

There is a tremendous need, especially for high-risk communities who live around the Lake Victoria lands because most of them depend on the source for domestic water and in economic for agriculture, but due to the deforestation and pollution which is taking place there, there is a clear verification that without education and initiatives to compact the area you will find that the source diseased and cause feminine and hunger to the coming generations.


We are planning to plant trees in Nyamagana and Ilemela area which surround the Lake Victoria about 120,000 trees and up to now we have total number of 6,700 trees with the remaining of 123,300trees, Its due to this needs that we have decided as the Green Livelihood for Century Development to collaborate with the local community and stakeholders in the whole process of training on the importance of environmental conservation, management and planting 120,000 trees which will help to compact the nature and the services provided by the place.

Project goal:

  • To raise community awareness about conservation and management of natural resource areas, for example our Lake Victoria and her aquatic organisms.
  • To improve environmental sustainability along lake Victorian communities
  • To mitigation climate change impacts by planting more trees along the lake communities
  • To control flood and soil erosion along the lake and surrounding communities
  • To build capacity of local people about their roles and responsibilities in protecting and managing environment sustainably
  • To create youth employment and community participation during project implementation
  • To improve waste management along lake Victorian communities
  • To promote volunteerism as a tool of overcoming community problems
  • To improve clean and healthy environment around communities living along the lake.
  • To improve food security and income security through provision of fruit trees to local communities

Project objectives:

  • To recruit 50 community volunteers, and 150 students who will participate in the project implementation.
  • To inform the local community members and other stakeholders on the importance of having   trees on and surrounding Lake Victoria lands.
  • To plant 120, 000 trees to surround Lake Victoria Communities.
  • To treat weeds and storm water erosion at the site as well as cleaning the site.
  • To develop and evaluate work plans for each volunteer, community members and stakeholder work site  
  • To organize students, fishermen and community awareness activities about pollution, weeds, feral animals, biodiversity and how to protect the planted trees.
  • To guide volunteers and community members to work in accordance with the organization’s objectives, policies and procedures as well as forest regeneration techniques and safe work practices
  • To obtain grant funding  
  • To share information with other natural resource management organizations via reports, meetings, email networks and newsletters.