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Meet Our Team

Our Executive Leadership Team oversees all organizational efforts. The Committee meets regularly to ensure that all of our teams perform

efficiently and to facilitate cross-functional connections.



             Mr. Emanuel Kwaslema

      Chairman & Executive Director


          Ms.  Nadine Selgado

              Program Manager

   Gender Inclusion in leadership 

    governance &  Accountability

  baina pic

              Mr. Onesmo Petro

          Deputy Executive Director &

                Financial Administator

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        Ms. Gerasia Andrea 

       Program Manager

 Inclusive Entrepreneurship and 

   Employment Opportunities


             Mr. Reginal Victor 

         National Executive Secretary

           madam sylvia

                Ms. Sylvia Ruambo

            Program Manager

    Gender and Inclusiveness in SDG's           Implementation

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             Mr. Peter Maswi

        Partnership Strategist and 

              Legal Advisor

       jack Ar

               Ms. Jackline Kalumuna

 Public relations & Communication



                    Mr. Goodluck

                   Program Manager

    Climate  action & Enviromental Conservation

 petrida batale

  Ms. Petrida Batela

  Programs' Fundraising  manager 

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 Mr. Julius Kitingati

SDG's Program Manager & Policy Reviewer