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About Us

Green Livelihood for Century Development (GLCD) is a non-governmental, non-profit making, non-political and non-religious organisation. The organization is registered by the United Republic of Tanzania under the non-governmental organization Act, 2002; with registration number ooNGO/08274.

We are focused on catalyzing human promises in Tanzania through implementation of various projects in Sustainable Education, Gender and Inclsuive Leadership, Youth in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Environmental Conservation and Climate Action while considering inclusiveness of women and potentials of young people for the improved life.

Our vision

To be the global leader in nurturing and protecting well-being of individuals through promotion of sustainable development to all communities.

Our mission

To engage people extensively on a clear purpose, direction and strategy of sustainable development related activities that would help to bridge poverty gap, adapt and mitigate climate change.


The organization is mainly focusing on creative solutions on the following areas;

vGender inclusion in environmental conservation and climate actions; we provide field training on tree planting, capacity building for waste reduction,                    management and policy advise.

vInclusiveness people with disabilities and women in entrepreneurship programs and employment opportunities through development of their business ideas,        creating more opportunities for self-employment, research and professional mentoring for young entrepreneurs.

vGender equality in education and leadership; this offers youth dialogues in schools and colleges on ways to improve the gender participations in leadership         and more access quality education.

vInclusive Leadership and Accountability; we provide opportunities for the voice of young people to be heard especially who are below 18 years, creating             room where their need to be included in the national agenda and clarity of quality policy discussion on the future we want.